Weed Control

To get rid of even the toughest weeds in Gauteng, our business uses Eco friendly & extremely effective herbicides.

The conservation of agricultural resources ACT43 of 1983 may declare the species that requires weed control to be a weed or invasive plant. Where this is not the case, however, we have the liberty to choose which plants we consider weeds.

Weed control can be applied to both foreign and native plant species, including herbs, bushes, and trees. Paved places, roadways, industrial enterprises, agricultural stores, boundary lines, and building sites are just a few of the places we treat for weeds.

Why should you consider weed treatment?

  • Weeds detract from the image of businesses, commercial premises, and private dwellings since they are perceived as a sign of neglect or poor housekeeping.
  • Invasive insects and pest species such as black crickets, rats, and harvester termites thrive in weeds. As a result, more pest control services are required.
  • Dry weeds near buildings or retailers in industrial locations can present a fire hazard during the winter months.
  • Roads and concrete can be damaged by larger plant species.
  • Weeds lower lawn density and have an aesthetic impact on grass.


We employ powerful, ecologically acceptable herbicides to control weeds as Pest Controllers. To achieve long-term management, the herbicides attack both germinating seeds and developing weeds. To avoid regrowth, experts recommend repeating the weed treatments on a routine basis. Unlike those offered by other pest control companies, our weed control treatments are assured.

Any plant that grows where it is not wanted is labeled a weed, and it might be exotic / foreign (imported) or native. A weed is any plant that grows in an unwelcomed location. We have the right to decide which plants are weeds. This is only true if the species in question has not been designated as a weed or an invasive plant. As a result, the term "grass" refers to all unpleasant flora, which might vary from grasses to trees.

The fact of undesirable or troublesome plants having a negative impact on South Africa's natural resources is well documented in popular, professional, and scientific journals. The Conservation of Agricultural Resources Act of 1983 (Act 43 of 1983) gives the government the authority to manage certain plants, which are classified as weeds and invaders.

The universally unpleasant scenario is that native alien plants tend to proliferate and invade ecosystems in many countries, including South Africa, and become problem plants in areas away from their original habitats. Weeds might harm your company's image because they are seen as dirty and unclean.

Weeds will also lower your lawn's density and attract additional insects. Herbicides are used to suppress weeds at all stages of their life cycle, from growth through reproduction. For long-term control, we generally utilize herbicides that kill developing seeds and growing weeds. It is recommended that you treat the weeds on a regular basis to keep them from reproducing.