Termite Removal

Because termites resemble ants, they are often made reference to as "white ants." Termites, unlike ants, cause substantial structural damage to properties if they are not controlled by trained pest control experts. They have soft bodies and robust, powerful jaws that allow them to gnaw through any wooden substance, as the name "white ant" implies. Our environment in Gauteng encourages termite infestation, thus we have two common termite species: subterranean and harvester termites. Harvester termites eat lawns, leaving round patches of bare grass behind, whereas subterranean termites eat all wood in structures.

How to determine if you need termite control

Termites are soil-dwelling insects that require constant contact with the earth or another source of moisture to survive. The harm that the little white ants cause is much more easily traced than the ants themselves. As a result, most customers seek professional advice from pest control businesses like ours!


However, there are several telltale signals that termites are present, including:

  • Wood structures that sounds hollowed, such as cornice, door frames, or cupboards. By pressing against one of these structures with your finger or a tool, they become incredibly soft and readily damaged.
  • After the first rain fall, flying ants with or without wings can be seen. There are also heaps of broken wings. These ants are substantially deeper in color than regular white ants.
  • Mud tubes are joined to wooden buildings, with numerous passages within the wood.
  • Bare round areas of cut grass – normally healthy grass Small heaps of loose dirt close to skirtings, door frames, or along the external perimeter of the house

Termite control: Why is it necessary?

Termites munch on cellulose-containing wood products such as cupboards, skirting, doors, frames, lawns, and even roof rafters. Termites eat from the inside out when feeding, leaving just a thin coating of wood or paint that has no structural integrity. Because termite damage is rarely covered by insurance companies, quick termite management is critical.


How to get rid of termites

Here's where we can help! Our services include free estimates, suggestions, and a termite management strategy. We would need to treat the nests if there is a subterranean termite infestation. This is accomplished by drilling through your substructure and injecting a termiticide beneath the floor to prevent new infestations. If we find harvester termites on your grass, we employ high-pressure jets to spray termiticide into the nests.