Soil Poisoning

Low-cost treatments by one of Gauteng's best companies. In Gauteng, pre-construction termite control is an important selling factor for new homes. The fear of termites significantly transcends the fear of ants, cockroaches, and rodents. This is due to the fact that termites can cause major structural damage to homes that is typically not covered by insurance. Termites eat everything made of wood, including cabinets, floors, door and window frames, and even roof rafters. A termite infestation might go unnoticed for a long time because the little white ants hide well. The damage can already be substantial once found!

Pre-construction termite control is critical in Gauteng because the climate encourages both harvester and subterranean termite infestations. Termite treatment should be performed on all new building projects prior to the placement of concrete slabs and foundations. Residential homes, commercial structures, and industrial warehouses are all included. A termiticide treatment is included in our pre-construction pest control services. By constructing a physical barrier, the soil poisoning treatment eliminates the structure as a food supply for surrounding colonies, assuring long-term termite control.

In Gauteng, termite control prior to construction is essential as the climate favors infestation of harvester and subterranean termites. residential homes, commercial buildings and industrial warehouses. Our pre-construction pest control services include treating the ground with a thermiticide. Soil poisoning treatment eliminates the structure as a food source for nearby colonies by creating a physical barrier, providing long-lasting termite control.

National Building Regulations and Standards: ACT 103 of 1977 “The foundations of all buildings to be treated against termites and pests”

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  • Once the termite control treatment is complete, we guarantee all soil poisoning treatments and issue a proof of compliance.
  • Our soil poisoning prices are highly competitive, and they are significantly lower than those offered by most pest control firms.
  • We are available for pre-construction termite control treatments seven days a week, with a 24-hour response time.