Pest Control

Expert services in pest control and specialist in management and fumigation

Pest control has gained importance over the past few decades and has become an integral part of society. Certain pests can be very troublesome because they pose serious health risks. At Togan we specialize in the eradication and elimination of all major pests.


Why choose us?

  • Full on-site supervision - no unsupervised staff
  • We provide fast local pest control service because we understand how harmful pests can be
  • Decades of experience to draw on to ensure your pest control needs are satisfied
  • We use the safest techniques and pesticides available with your safety in mind and cause the least possible harm to the environment
  • Our prices are extremely competitive with lower rates than most pest control companies


As industry specialists, we strive to use the least toxic treatment available that is still effective against the targeted pests. By using the latest integrated pest management techniques, we are able to eradicate all infestations while reducing risk to ourselves, our customers and the environment. These services include the use of gels, baits, residual sprays, glue, ultraviolet attractants and even physical barriers.

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We are dedicated to providing the finest possible service while maintaining a high level of safety and cleanliness. As a result, you as a consumer will be completely happy.

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