Hazard Analysis

Hazard Analysis And Critical Control Points (HACCP) Food Safety Control System:

HACCP is a food safety management method that covers the full food production process. The public is becoming more aware of food safety as numerous cases of food poisoning and animal diseases make the news. Pests in a food production or production facility can severely harm an industry's image and public impression. It's logical that food firms have zero tolerance for bugs for these reasons, in addition to the general health hazards.

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, and it is a food safety management system that covers the full food production chain. From raw material production to preparation and finished goods. The procedure analyzes potential dangers in the food manufacturing process and implements countermeasures. This is accomplished by employing monitoring and control techniques throughout the food manufacturing process. HACCP is a structured pest control program that takes a methodical process to early detection and prevention.

A pest management program in a foods production facility must be customized for obvious reasons.
Pesticide application in food ecosystems must be carefully monitored.
Rigorous control methods are employed instead of insecticides when that isn't possible.For any HACCP queries for new or existing facilities contact Togan Hygiene.

Our pest control experts have received extensive training and experience in the HACCP procedure.

What effect does HACCP have on pest control?

The sanitary program of a food processor has long included pest management. The cleanliness of food handling or equipment, and also the minimization of cross-contamination through contact with filthy things, are critical concerns. Chemical medicines must be labeled, stored, and used correctly. A HACCP program must also protect food, food packaging materials, and food preparation areas from tampering, which includes a list of substances, pesticides, and the spreading of marine organisms.

Togan Hygiene can build the finest pest management program for your business if you have HACCP concerns or need to implement a pest management program into your food manufacturing process. We have highly skilled specialists on hand to assist you with the installation. We also have internationally trained auditors on staff, so if you currently have a pest control business working with you, we can help with day and nighttime audits to ensure that your program is up to code.