Flea Control

Flea control is a common service provided by pest control companies in Gauteng, particularly in households with pets. A flea is an external parasite that lives exclusively on blood. Flea control should be sought not only because their bites leave irritating bumps on the skin, but they also spread disease. The most common flea identified by our pest control specialists is the cat flea. The cat flea attacks most warm-blooded animals, including dogs, cats, humans, rodents, rabbits, etc. Professional flea control is essential as soon as an infestation is discovered as they have a phenomenal growth rate. If flea elimination techniques are not used, a female flea can lay over 1000 eggs in her lifetime .they are laid after each meal and the young feed on blood immediately after hatching.

How to identify if you need flea control

A flea bite, although not painful, is very itchy.It is characterized by a central red spot with a red halo and often only slight swelling.

Typical indications of a flea infestation:

  • Fleas normally affect the legs but are also found on other parts of the They often leave a few bites very close together rather than just one.
  • In heavily infested areas, they can sometimes be seen jumping from place to
  • Flea control should be sought where pets seem uncomfortable and are constantly scratching and biting their fur. The hind legs are often targeted in dogs while the head and neck in cats are targeted
  • When inspecting your pet's skin, you can often find black These are the feces of adult fleas. You can use a flea comb on a sheet of white paper for easy identification with black-haired animals.

Why the need for flea control?

The mere thought of a flea infestation is enough for most homeowners to start researching flea elimination techniques. Flea control is essential, a flea bite is not only itchy but can also transmit disease and cause serious allergies.

Tapeworms are carried by fleas as well as diseases such as bubonic plague, murine typhus, tularemia and Dipylidum Caninu.

Humans and animals can also suffer from an allergic flea bite or "dermatitis". The reaction is characterized by hair loss, itching and redness of the skin, followed by secondary infection.

Our flea extermination technique

As pest control professionals, we are qualified and experienced in providing complete flea extermination. Our pest control services include two treatments for effective flea control. This is because female fleas lay eggs after each meal which must be further processed once they hatch. Affected pets should also be treated with a flea bath.

Flea bites cause irritation, but also serious allergies in animals and humans. Other more serious and less common problems are associated with cat fleas. Cat fleas can carry or transmit a variety of organisms, such as Yersinia pestis which causes bubonic plague, Rickettsia typhi which causes murine typhus, and dipylidum caninum, the dog double-pore tapeworm, which can live in dogs, cats or other humans.

Flea bites tend to be concentrated on the lower legs but can also occur in other parts of the body. The bite consists of a small central red spot surrounded by a red halo, usually without excessive swelling. mild itching but may become increasingly irritating to people with sensitive or reactive skin. Some people and pets suffer from flea allergy dermatitis, characterized by intense itching, hair loss, redness of skin and secondary ionic infection. A single bite can trigger an allergic reaction and itching can persist for up to 5 days after the bite.Cat fleas can also serve as intermediate hosts for dog tapeworms. Cats or dogs can acquire this intestinal parasite by cleansing themselves by ingesting adult fleas containing a tapeworm cyst.

What are the signs of infestation?

In areas with heavy infestation, you will find fleas jumping from place to place. The itch normally bites into the legs. Your pets are constantly itching and scratching. They can transmit diseases and organisms. They are a nuisance to you and your pets.

Control methods

We offer a spray treatment to rid your home of fleas, normally more than one treatment is needed as the fleas lay eggs which are unaffected by the pesticide.