Bird Control

Bird control by qualified pest control specialists is essential in areas such as food production plants, restaurants, hospitals, commercial properties and residences. These pesky birds not only harm the image of businesses and properties, but also carry several harmful diseases. In Gauteng, these are mainly Indian pigeons, sparrows, starlings and mynahs. Prevention of birds and nests is ideal rather than elimination and rehabilitation to discourage birds is paramount.

How to identify if bird control is needed

Easily identifiable birds normally spend time near their nesting areas. Some species cluster and nest together while others nest alone. Bird droppings, feathers, eggshells, and nesting materials such as dry grass are often found under a nesting area.

These nesting areas can be located inside a building or roof structure or outside the building in a sheltered area such as a roof overhang.

Why is it necessary to remove birds?

  • Bird droppings, feathers and debris can damage a business' image by creating unsightly nests and defecating outside during the They can also clog gutters and damage air conditioners. Droppings can damage and stain a building's exterior finish as well as parked cars.
  • Diseases such as aspergillosis, encephalitis, salmonellosis and histoplasmosis can be transmitted to humans through bird
  • At least 7 ectoparasites are carried by birds, including mites, lice, ticks and fleas that transmit disease to humans

If birds have access to stored products, these products would be contaminated and lost • Birds can become aggressive during the breeding season and attack owners, customers and employees.

Pest control techniques for bird elimination

There are several techniques for ensuring successful bird control. , advanced deterrents or reflective solutions. It depends on the severity of the bird population and the location of their nesting points. As each bird removal situation is unique and will usually require a call to be inspected.